Betta fish care : Show the result of feeding betta fish boy with a lot of food

I would like to show you my last generation of black dragon halfmoon plakat.
This is the picture before I feed this fish with a lot of food…he is 1.5 months old.

I feed this fish with frozen blood worms and pellet 2-3 times per day. In the morning , I give him pellet food and I give him frozen blood worms in the afternoon and the night. Notice that your betta can eat all food you give them in short time (within 5 minutes) , that’s the suitable amount of food for your betta fish…be careful, if you give your fish too much food each time, your betta boy may die. I replace his water 100% every 3 days and let him flare with other bettas about 1 hour a day.

One week later…This is the result :

He looks so awesome. Full dragon hmpk betta fish with sharp fin 🙂

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