Many betta lovers failed in breeding betta with many reasons. One of the main reason is the condition of breeding tank is not suitable so the male doesn’t make bubble nest…he doesn’t want to breeding.

Today I would like to share how to prepare betta fish spawning tank. It’s my way. I usually prepare spawn tank with this solution…GUARANTEE 90% success!!

1. I use tap water for breeding betta fish…add tap water into spawn tank about 4-5 inch height. Add some salt and put 2-3 Indian Almond leaves into the tank. Put water plants that you can find at your home. See the picture.

2. Put the male & the female’s tank into this breeding tank. Let them look at one another. Give them food 2 times daily.

Leave it about 5-7 days…then put the male & the female into this breeding tank.

I think you will success in breeding your betta fish 🙂