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How do i know my betta fish can breed?

I am new in fishkeeping. A few days ago I add Betta in my fish tank. I don't have any clear idea about their breeding process as well as How do I know my betta fish can breed? That is why I create this topic. Hope I get my answer very soon.

If you want to breed betta fish then it's important to know some right process otherwise you can see the dead betta or sick fries. Below I describe some points where you can find some important process of betta fish breeding.

  1. You need to set up your permanent betta tank.
  2. Need to buy your important equipment which you can use betta fish breeding.
  3. Need to choose perfect betta breeding pair.
  4. Give them proper food and nutrition as they are enough energetic to breed.
  5. Always need to clean your water tank to give them a proper environment to breed.

Normally, all betta fish (both males & females) ready to breed if they're at least 3.5 months old.

Or if the male can produce bubble nest - this is the sign that he's ready to breed.

For females, if you notice full of eggs in their stomach (you surely can notice it if there are fully eggs indeed) - this is the sign for female betta that she's ready for breeding.