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My Betta Fish Bunkhouse

My Betta Bunkhouse consists of 4 rain gutters with leaf guards each one 10’0” long. Each row holds 27 bunks (beanie baby boxes), each box holds 1/3 gallon of water. There is a 5th row above the bunkhouse for isolation of fish that I do not want to house in the bunks. The water flows […]


Having the right tools makes any job easier. Taking pictures of your Betta is no excep tion. You need a Camera, a photo booth and willing subjects. The Camera You could use your old SLR 35mm camera and get good results, but for the cost of developing the film, you can buy a new digital […]

Betta Fish Breeding Step 3 : Spawning

The spawning process is a very fascinating thing, and to the untrained eye doesn’t have any kind of order to it. Fortunately for everyone there is a pattern, and once upon a time even I couldn’t tell, now i know when a pair is going to spawn almost certainly the day before they actually spawn. […]