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Betta Fish Genetics

Genetics Use this table in conjustion with our Betta Fish Genetics Predictor to determine what will come out of your spawn! Single/Double Tail The single/double tail relationship is fortunately a very simple and predictable relationship. It is simply a dominance relationship – St is dominant over Dt. So StSt, StDt/DtSt are all single tail and […]

Betta Fish Breeding Step 4 : Daddy Duties

I have eggs! Now what do I do? Who’s talking? You or your male betta? It’s busy time for daddy now, he has to have the lights on all the time from now until he’s removed in three or four days so he can see the eggs and the fry. Untill the eggs hatch in […]

Betta Fish Breeding Step 2 : Tank Setup

Tank setup for spawning in relatively easy, and the rules are simple, NEVER use anything less than 10 gallons. I use ten gallon tanks myself, I fill them about 1/3 of the way and put duckweed, java moss, apogneton and sword plants in the tank. I let the apogneton and sword plants float and alone […]

Betta Fish Breeding Step 1 : Conditioning

One of the most important phases to the success of a spawn in the conditioning period. This is because the conditioning period is the 1 to 3 week period before spawning in which the betta is completely spoiled so that they have tons of energy build up, are healthy as an ox, and the female […]


Many betta lovers failed in breeding betta with many reasons. One of the main reason is the condition of breeding tank is not suitable so the male doesn’t make bubble nest…he doesn’t want to breeding. Today I would like to share how to prepare betta fish spawning tank. It’s my way. I usually prepare spawn […]

My Betta Fish Farm

This is my betta fish farm. It’s a little farm 🙂 but I get a lot of beautiful betta fish here!! I breed betta in plastic tank which is 60 cm dimension. Now I have 20 breeding tanks in my farm. Let’s take a tour…. Breeding Tanks Before breeding…let the male & the female look […]