Betta Fish Care While You’re Away

Today, I want to discuss caring for your betta fish when you go on vacation or are going to be away for a few days.

I can’t tell you how many times a customer of mine was going out of town for a week or less, and had one of their neighbors come in to feed their betta fish. When the customer gets back, the fish is dead, the jar of food that was supposed to last 3 months is empty and the bottom of the tank has a layer of uneaten food on it. The water is smelly and so cloudy you can’t even see the back of the tank. This scenario can be avoided 100 percent of the time if you follow this one rule…”If you are going to be gone less than a week, DO NOT LET ANYONE ELSE TOUCH THE BETTAS TANK”.

The betta will be ok; I promise he will still be alive when you get back. Also, never use those “weekend feeder” tablets that release food over time. They will cloud your water for sure, and the betta fish will probably overeat in the process. If you are going away longer than a week, or if you won’t be able to sleep at night because you are worried that your betta is going to starve to death in less than a week, the solution of last resort would be to purchase a 7 day pill organizer and put the proper amount of food that you would feed your betta each day into each compartment.

So when the caretaker comes in on Monday, they open up the Monday compartment and they put all Mondays’ food in at once. On Tuesday they open Tuesday’s compartment and so on. If the caretaker is coming in less often, just tell them to only put in the amount of food for that day they come in. Ideally, they will end up feeding the betta less than you would, and less is best while you are away. When you get home to your ALIVE-AND-WELL BETTA, do not overfeed him. Dumping in extra food because you think he is starving is not good, either