Betta Fish Care : My Top Secret Tips Share Here For Free!!

Feeding hundreds of betta fish like me – it’s 100% sure I have to have the top best techniques & tips to feed all my fish healthy and ready to ship out to your hands without any complains 🙂 I have to do my best for my betta business. Now I would like to share my top secret to feed all my bettas healthy!!

I feed adult betta fish (at least 3 months old) only 1 time a day with frozen bloodworms. Sometimes with pellets. I change their water every week (1 time a week). Then I notice all bettas – if there are any fish got strange swimming manner, I will treat them with these secrets methods :

Firstly, the most important thing is “SALT”

Normally, I only use tap water which leave it in the tank about 2 days before using for betta fish…but in case my bettas swimmimg with starnge manner and I noticed there is no white spot on its skin or fin…salt is the best naturally remedy to treat this kind of illness. Mix 4 teaspoons of salt in 1 litre of water – use this solution for your sick betta. After 2 days, change the solution with the same mixing method (4 teaspoons of salt in 1 litre of water) and notice your bettas…I guess your betta fish will come back to healthy again 🙂 …unfortunately, if “no” , following the below method.

If salt cannot be the answer , or you can notice “white spot” on your betta’s skin or fin, it’s important to use “hot water” & “Indian Almond Leaves” together with “SALT”!!!!

Note : This method can use for any betta fish diseases which are “out-side infection”… , for betta fish diseases which are “in-side infection” (in their body system) – until now I still cannot know how to cure it.

…Ok the next step is the top secret to cure all my bettas for a long time ago….

1. I use “HOT WATER” to blend with room temperature water until the temperature of mixed water is about 50 celcius…in facts, I never use termometer to get the exactly temperature while blending…just use my hand’s skin to test the temp…this is very important!!!!…if you don’t have experiences like me , your bettas may die because the temperature of the water is too high!!

2. When the temperature of the water is about 50 celcius, quickly put your sick betta in this very warm water and let the water cooling down by itself (by naturally)…also put “SALT” in this water (I always use 4 teaspoons of salt for a litre of water)

Repeat the steps 1 and 2 on the next day (do this everyday) , about 3-4 days , your sick bettas should be healthy!! Trust me!!

After that, the last process you have to do is feeding your betta in Indian almond leaf water (1 litre of water put 1 medium size Indian almond leaf) …once you completed all the process, I don’t know how your betta still be sick ^______^

In summarize, the above techniques can cure any types of betta diseases which are out-side infection.