Betta Fish Care Important Rules

Once you see a Betta fish, you will likely not forget it. Their appearance is quite memorable. Betta fish are probably one of the most attractive fish species around. That’s why they have become tremendously popular. Betta fish care is not all that hard, but there are things you need to learn and many mistakes you could make, if not well enough informed. Like with every hobby, there are things you will need to learn about your new pet. And the better your grasp of Betta fish care, the more you will enjoy your new finned friend.

Here are some basic Betta fish care rules:

Betta Fish Care Rule 1

The bowl or tank of a betta fish needs to be large enough for them to swim in comfortably. Also, a tank that is lower is better, because your betta fish will want to be close enough to the water surface to get oxygen. Deep tanks make it much harder for him to reach the surface. Since Betta fish needs oxygen intake from the air, just as we do, that will be important.

Remember, the natural habitat of betta fish are shallow bodies of water.

Keeping that in mind will make many of the basics in Betta fish care easier for you to remember.

Betta Fish Care Rule 2

Use gravel in your betta fish tank. It won’t be there just for decoration. It will help beneficial bacteria grow and break down the waste in the tank. It’s also very important for the well–being of your Betta. Betta fish need privacy and like to hide once in a while.

Betta Fish Care Rule 3

Use just the right amount of food. It’s easy to overfeed your Betta. But proper Betta fish care guidelines suggest that your fish should not have any uneaten food in his tank. The more food, the more waste produced by the Betta.

Betta Fish Care Rule 4

Never use soap or chemicals when cleaning the Betta fish tank or any of the decorations. Don’t come in contact with the aquarium water or the Betta fish, either, after you washed your hands with soap. Even small amounts can be poisonous. It may seem like the perfect way to care for your betta fish to wash your hands well before handling it or its surroundings, but betta fish are much more delicate than we are and soap can have devastating effect on them.

Organic soap would be fine, of course, but rinse thoroughly.

Betta Fish Care Rule 5

Avoid plastic plants. They tend to be hard and would damage your Betta’s fins. They are also made of materials which would eventually leach into the water and present danger to the Betta fish.

Betta Fish Care Rule 6

Keep the tank water in the best shape possible. Clean water is the most basic tenet of proper Betta fish care. It will help you avoid many diseases which will otherwise make this hobby more of a nuissance for you than a source of joy.

Betta Fish Care Rule 7

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your Betta fish is lonely. That is one of the big Betta fish myths. Many people believe that Bettas need company of other fish, but it’s likely that those are their own projections. Betta fish are rather solitary species and they find the presence of many other fish annoying, stressful, if not outright dangerous. If you are not careful, there will be aggression in the tank and the stressed out Betta fish will quickly fall prey to diseases.

Betta Fish Care Rule 8

Keeping the stress level of your Betta fish low is another major component of proper Betta fish care. Get to know your fish and don’t assume they need company just because they “seem to”. Make sure that you are following all the rules of proper Betta fish care and chances are you will end up with a thriving and happy Betta fish, even if kept completely alone.

Betta Fish Care Rule 9

Test your water and keep the pH level at 7.0. If you see that the pH level is much higher or lower, change it very, very gradually. The sudden fluctuations can be even more harmful to your Betta fish than the wrong pH level. Consistency of your Betta fish environment is a very basic principle of Betta fish care.

Betta Fish Care Rule 10

Never leave your Betta fish tank uncovered. Bettas jump. You need to prevent them from jumping out of the tank. Also, make sure that the cover has holes for ventilation. You could also use a mesh screen. This will protect the Betta not only from itself, but also from predators, such as your pet cat.

Betta Fish Care Rule 11

Our last bit of advice on Betta fish care is that you use common sense and imagination. Put yourself in your Betta’s fins…. Be careful with any decorations he could get stuck in. Observe your Betta fish frequently and watch for anything that could indicate to you that there is a problem. A caring and alert attitude will go a long way in your becoming a wonderful Betta fish parent! And soon you will be an expert on Betta fish care.